Tuesday, October 14, 2003

So Bally Fitness is having this thing right now. It's their 30 day challenge. I've been really thinking that this could be exactly what I need...a serious goal to set, 30 days and a possible $25,000 reward at the end of it.

But then I read all the rules and it turns out that you have to eat their food. Instead of getting to eat what you want you have to make do with their energy bars and things like that. To me this seems like the biggest gip ever! Why would they want to do that to people?


So maybe what I'll do is do it for myself. Maybe I'll manage to get some of my friends involved in it too and then we can do it together...the before and after pictures, the exercising, the meal plans. Could be good. But would it be less inspirational if there wasn't the reward money? Yes...and therein lies the problem.


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