Wednesday, November 01, 2006

survey fun

Birthplace:New Haven, CT
Current Location:Burlington, VT
Eye Color:blue
Hair Color:whatever I want it to be
Height:5 ft. 3
Piercings:6 ears, 1 nose (used to have tongue, labret, navel)
Tattoos:can't get enough of 'em
Overused Phrase:honestly...
Animal:whale shark
Alcohol Drink:luke and lauren's hefeweizen
Bagel:toasted, butter
Letter:I have no idea
Body Part on Opposite sex:back
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:nope
Strawberry or Watermelon:strawberry
Hot tea or Ice tea:yup
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:mmm-hmmm
Kiss or Hug:as often as possible
Dog or Cat:depends
Rap or Punk:also depends
Summer or Winter:winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:any movie that isn't total crap
Love or Money:love
Bedtime:too frickin' early (9-11)
Most Missed Memory:April vacation
Best physical feature:my mouth (although a lot of people would say my ass)
First Thought Waking Up:oh my god, I've got so much to do today
Best Friends:can't live without them
Weakness:my husband
Heritage:english, irish, scottish, welsh, german, belgian, dutch, polish
Longest relationship:6 years and counting
Ever Drank:yes
Ever Smoked:oh god yes, don't rub it in
Ever been Drunk:yes
Ever been beaten up:no
Ever beaten someone up:no
Ever Shoplifted:absolutely
Ever Skinny Dipped:no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:yes
Been Dumped Lately:no
Favorite Eye Color:don't care
Favorite Hair Color:don't care
Short or Long:don't care
Height:don't care
Style:don't care
Looks or Personality:PERSONALITY (I care A LOT)
Hot or Cutedon't care
Drugs and Alcohol:whatever ... just not ALL the time
Muscular or Really Skinny:don't care
Number of Regrets in the Past:tons, but I try not to regret and instead just learn
Country you want to Visit:Cambodia, Brazil
How do you want to Die:sitting on a beach as a giant tidal wave comes in
Been to the Mall Lately:no
Do you like Thunderstorms:yes, yes, yes!!!!
Get along with your Parents:yup
Health Freak:depends on the day
Do you think you're Attractive:most of the time
Believe in Yourself:sometimes
Want to go to College:yes
Do you Smoke:here you go, rubbing it in again ... no
Do you Drink:no
Shower Daily:oh hell no
Been in Love:every day
Do you Sing:whenever the opportunity presents itself
Want to get Married:again? already?
Do you want Children:sure hope so, since I have about a month left till #1 shows up
Have your future kids names planned out:you better believe it
Hate anyone:pretty much everyone


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