Saturday, January 17, 2004

Back from sunny and beautiful Hawaii! And what a time I had. The weather there was perfect...about 75 degrees every day, so it made it easy to get out and do fun stuff. I only went swimming three times though, because the hotel we were staying in wasn't on a swimming beach (it was too shallow and REALLY muddy). Major disappointment there, but that's ok.

The first really cool thing that we did was we hiked the Kalaupapa trail. Molokai has the highest sea cliffs in the world and there's a trail that you can hike down them (look here for a good picture of the trail). With 26 switchbacks it was pretty amazing and unbelievably exhausting. The way down J and I just motored, only stopping occasionally to let my parents catch up and then off we went again. Then on the way back up we stuck with my mom and ended up taking the trail really slowly. Pretty cool actually, because I think we both would have been hurting really badly had we tried to do it any faster. It was steep and long. My mom's step counter said that at the end of it we had done 15,000 steps, which my dad said we should double because of all the up and down involved. It was unbelievably good exercise.

Then the next day, in order to even out the workout, we went sea-kayaking! Total freakin' blast. I think all in all we ended up doing between 4-6 miles on the kayaks, the last 3 of which were directly into the wind and sooooooo tiring. We saw whales and sea turtles and did a little bit of snorkeling (poor visibility so we didn't do too much) and paddled around like maniacs. It was so much fun I just can't believe it. And the perfect upper body workout to the lower body the day before.

And we did the hour and a half walk into town twice while we were there. Did some minor swimming. Did pretty good. Of course, I overate the entire time we were there, but what else is vacation for, right? Now I just have to get back into good mode.

Anyways. All in all it was a fantastic vacation. I had tons of fun and did a bunch of cool stuff. Now it's back to the real world and real issues. I spent a ton of time while we were there thinking about who and what I want to be. Hopefully I'll be able to enforce some of that. Hugs to all.


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