Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Alrighty ... five quirky things about myself.

1. I am an awesome burper. Like really, seriously, no joke here. I think I know one person on the face of the planet who can consistently out-burp me and even then, he's not THAT much better than I am. I have won money in burping contests because nobody ever expects that a little 5-foot girl like me can make such awesomely disgusting noises. (And just so you know, boys LOVE girls who can burp better than they can ... no question there.)

2. Although it makes me a little nauseous, I love popping pimples. I've loved popping 'em for as long as I've had 'em and I will keep on loving it until they're all gone. And it's not just mine either, it's also J's and Lauren's and my best friend Khat's. Yeah, pretty much it's almost anyone's. Sick.

3. If I could have one wish in the entire world it would be to have gills. I love water more than anyone really should (seriously, don't get me started on tidal waves) and if I could successfully spend the rest of my life underwater without worrying about drowning, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Don't worry, I'd come back to visit, but I'd be outta here so fast you wouldn't even see me go.

4. My favorite word is mesmerize (I have it tattooed on me), but it is followed shortly by ANTHROPOMORPHIZE, whichis a word I find fantastic both for form and for content. Any time someone near me uses the word anthropomorphize I want to run over and hug then for being so brilliant and clever and fantastic. I think that the use of the word is a secret present to me from whoever says it.

5. And finally (the last one made me think of this) I find intelligent sexy. Whenever anyone asks me what I think the sexiest part of a person is I always say intelligence. Normally they're talking about eyes or hands or butts or whatever, but for me ... it's intelligence. All you have to do is throw a couple big words into our conversation (anthropomorphize works REALLY well here), start talking physics, or pull some totally random facts about 18th century Russian literature out of your ass and we're half-way to the sack. What can I say? I'm a seriously easy chick, but not for money or cars or muscles ... just for brains.


Blogger Mark I. said...

you're not my ex-wife are ya? Jan? Is that you? hehe. kidding, but the burping thing and your height are awefully familiar to me. :)

3:06 PM  
Blogger faye said...

Margaret, I heart you!! The new quiz should be something like "five things that will get you half-way to the sack." I like brains, too...

5 ft? cute!

8:59 PM  

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