Saturday, April 01, 2006

I am ...

Extroverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving (ESFP)

Besides being concrete in speech and utilitarian in reaching their goals, the Performer Artisans are informative and expressive in their social interactions. Thus, while Performers are usually extreme in their expressiveness and sociability, observably the most expressive of all the types, they are not comfortable telling others what to do, preferring to offer information rather than to issue orders.

Demonstrating or performing is putting on a show to entertain others, and Performers, whether on the job, with friends, or in their families, are the natural performers among the types, people for whom it can truly be said "all the world's a stage." Playful and fun-loving, the Performer' primary social interest lies in stimulating those around them, arousing their senses and their pleasureful emotions-charming them, in a sense, to cast off their concerns and "lighten up." Representing about ten per cent of the general population, Performers radiate warmth and optimism, and are able to lift others' spirits with their contagious laughter and their irrepressible joy of living.

It is well that Performers are plentiful, something over ten per cent of the population, because they bring joy to so many of us. They love the excitement of playing to an audience, and they try to generate a sense of "showtime" wherever they are. Performers are not comfortable being alone most of the time, and seek the company of others whenever possible -- which they usually find, for they make wonderful playmates. Lively, witty conversationalists, Performers always seem to know the latest jokes and stories, and are quick with wisecracks and wordplay -- nothing is so serious or sacred that it can't be made fun of. Performers also like to live in the fast lane of society, and seem up on latest fads of dress, food, drink, and entertainment, the chic new fashion, the "in" nightclub, the "hot" new musical group. Energetic and uninhibited, Performers create a mood of "eat, drink, and be merry" wherever they go, and life around them can have a continual party-like atmosphere.

Hmmmm ... I'm not sure about this. Sure, maybe a couple of years ago this was me but it seems less so now. I guess I feel that the more time passes the more introverted I become. Huh. But I took the test twice and got this answer both times, so there you go!


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Thankyou, Margaret! How is the personal training going?

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