Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What do you do when half of the important people in your life think that you're making a huge mistake but you know your decision is correct?

In exactly 39 days I'm marrying J, the absolute love of my life, who I've been in love with since I was 17 years old. That's 10 years folks. I didn't see him for 3 years and those years didn't change how I felt about him one tiny iota.

The friend of mine who was going to marry us left me a message last night letting me know that she has enough doubts, enough concerns about our union, that she doesn't think it's a good idea that she marry us. She says she's spent a long time arguing with herself about it, but finally came to the decision that it was too much like lying for her to officiate our wedding.

Look, I would never under any circumstances try and tell anybody that J and I have a perfect relationship. And good lord, I hope we never do, because it would be boring as all holy hell. But we have something between us that nobody around seems to understand at all. He gets me ... he gets the little pieces of me that nobody has ever gotten before. And he gets the things about me that I hate and wants to help me change them. And he doesn't put me up on a fucking pedestal like every single other person I've ever dated in my life. He gets that I'm a real person and loves me more for my mistakes and my inconsistancies. J is not actually everything that I've ever wanted in a mate, he's infinitely more. And what we have is not something that I would be able to find again, it's not something that reproduceable, it's not something that I am willing to give up.

And that is my choice.


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The hell?

Good luck w/ this Margaret. And, I miss you~!

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