Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Here is my question for you today ...

Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we not do the things that we know we need to, even though by doing them we will end up happier and healthier?

There are two examples of this in my life:

- My husband says, "You don't communicate with me. If you talked to me more then we'd have an easier time of it." Which makes me talk to him less, because I feel such overwhelming pressure to be all communicative. And all the while I'm having these incredibly long deep conversations with him in my head, but when he's around I am much more guarded and quiet.

- I know, as in I'm absolutely 100% positive, that yoga is the key to my health and weight-loss. But I don't go. The opportunities come and go and I don't ever take them. Instead I just think about how I should be going, and about how much better my life would be if I was. But I don't ever do it.

So tell me ... how do I change this behavior? How do I stop the cycle of self-sabotage?

(Edited to add: You know how you stop the cycle? You simply decide that whatever waits on the other end of your fear is going to be worth dealing with the fear itself. And then you just go and do it. Can you tell that I actually went to yoga today?)


Blogger faye said...

I need to learn that lesson. I really believe yoga is my own best bet-- it covers the physical, mental, spiritual, and I love i--but I keep not going, and I'm just getting to be more and more of an atrophied marshmallow!

I love your new consciuosness stuff. I'm doing the oprah online class about the new earth consciousness w/ Eckhart good!

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