Thursday, November 06, 2003

I had a dream last night about gorging myself on chocolate. I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and sweating profusely, guilty as hell. But when I realized it was a dream, it was a like a new beginning.

Most amazing.

And last night A and I went and tried the higher level class (all-levels as opposed to beginning-level) taught by my favorite yoga teacher. It was incredible! It was so hard that I definitely had to break pose sometimes. There were poses that neither A nor I had ever even heard of (bird of paradise??????). But it was amazing as well. I've gotten to the point in the beginner's level classes that I can now pretty much do everything that's put in front of me. Sure, I'm definitely not doing everything perfectly, but I can do it all. Last night there were a couple of poses that my body couldn't even begin to comprehend. And besides, instead of getting out of class at 9, I was home at 8, which meant that I was wide awake and could eat a full dinner without feeling guilty because it was so late at night. It was great and I can't wait to go again! I loved it!


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