Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ok, things that I want to do...goals, one might say:

-actually go to the gym for treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, and weights twice a week
-yoga EVERY SINGLE Monday and Wednesday, and Saturday when I've gotten enough sleep on Friday night
-always walk for an hour a day (not that much more than I do now)
-decide either to stick with ballet or give it up, but no more pussy-footing around the issue
-kickboxing every week

And food goals:

-give up the chocolate-covered almonds!!!!
-remember that the margarine is just supposed to be for cooking...don't need it on every single english muffin
-have fruits, veggies, and very low-calorie carbs for more cheese!
-work on low-calorie dinner options, more vegetables, etc.
-salad once a week for dinner, maybe Wednesdays after early yoga class
-increase knowledge of cooking veggies...shouldn't be hard with all the new veggie cookbooks
-only eat out when you know there's a valid low-calorie option for you (namely...only eat sushi)

But more than anything else, there's this: I just don't feel like I'm really giving myself a chance. As soon as I see some change in my body I just give up and stop working so hard. I'm never going to get the results that I want if that's how I handle it. I have to be actually putting some effort in. Just give yourself a chance.


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