Sunday, November 30, 2003

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. And my god did I eat a lot. Being the person who was cooking the meal on the actual day itself definitely helped (in general if I'm doing the cooking then I don't eat as much). But oh there was tons and tons of gravy left and I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to gravy. I think I probably ate about 3000 calories worth of gravy over the past couple days. I actually got so freaked out about the quantity that I was eating that I just threw the rest of it away. Not the most mature solution, but hey...nobody's going to notice. And now there's all this leftover turkey in the fridge, which I actually think I'm going to put into a salad for dinner tonight because I NEED VEGETABLES.

Yeah. All in all it was a definite success. I managed not to eat to the point of making myself sick. But I also haven't exercised at all in a week. Oh well, just have to get back on the wagon tomorrow.

I can do this. Just because I screwed up for a little while doesn't mean that I can't get back into my good habits. I can totally do this.


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