Monday, July 17, 2006

I had an absolutely spectacular weekend! I spent the weekend up in beautiful Burlington, Vermont ... soon to be the new place I call home.

We went up there to check out an apartment which we hoped would be the absolute perfect spot. It turned out to be ... well ... STRANGE. It's about 6 miles outside the center of town, on 4.2 acres, with a huge kitchen and five small bedrooms. And oh yeah, it only costs $1000/month. But it's 6 miles outside of town on a highway which is basically like one giant stripmall. And of the 4.2 acres approximately .25 acres are useable. And the five small bedrooms are really five SMALL bedrooms in just about the strangest set-up you've ever seen. And there's no shower, just a bathtub, etc, etc, etc. It was so weird.

So we are now basically completely rethinking what we're going to be looking for in an apartment. Fine by me. Because truth be told, we don't actually need a whole crapload of space. What we need is a place where we will feel comfortable bringing home a newborn baby. Period. And since we are really going to be trying to buy a house in a year, we need it to be nice enough that we want to live there, but not nice enough that we want to live there forever. So now our apartment search will be taking on a different face.

Other than that, everything is going spectacularly well. I'm loving this pregnancy thing, though it does have its moments of complete and utter surrealism. I feel like I'm good at thinking about how I will deal with the situations that will arise when this child shows up, but just thinking about the fact that there will be a child scares the shit out of me. It's the details I'm good at here, not the overall picture. But I am getting more and more excited every single day to have this thing here. It's terrifying that I will be a mother and will be responsible for a life other than my own but then there's this little thing here that will enrich my life in ways I can't even guess yet. It's amazing. And I am so, so, so excited.


Blogger faye said...

Welcome back!!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Yay! I'm so so happy you like it here. It was SO good to have you guys up in good ole VT again this weekend. I miss you already!

PS - Nice new layout :)

11:51 PM  

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