Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Had a pretty good day today, healthy-living-wise. I went and picked up my bike from REI yesterday and spent this morning putting all my new gadgets on it ... odometer, blinking light for the rear, and a kick-ass U-Lock. Awesome.

And then tonight I went to yoga with L-Dogg! Woo hoo! You know it's been two whole months since I last yoga-ed? Pretty crazy, huh? And lordy my body could feel how long it's been. I think I probably completed about a third of what we did in class and spent the rest of the time in child's pose. A lot of that had to do with how unbelievably dehydrated I was though. When I'm not going to yoga on a regular basis I don't tend to drink anywhere near enough water. So I'm pretty sure we're going to go again next week and I certainly hope I will have learned my lesson from today ... DRINK WATER!!!!! Lots and lots and lots of water.

Could this be me making my way back to the good life? Could this be the catalyst I was waiting for?


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