Sunday, May 30, 2004

126.5 this morning, my lowest weight since I was 18. Pretty amazing.

But now I'm confused. Much too much of my body is still fat. I don't need someone to measure my body fat to let me know's obvious. But this is about where I want to be staying. I think that 125 would be a good weight for me to stay at and look the way I want to look.

So what do I do now in terms of exercise? Do I continue on the path I'm on (30 mins cardio/5 days a week, 30 mins weights/3 days a week, 1.5-3 hours yoga/week)? Or do I change it up somehow. I'm really interested in continuing with the weights, and I think they're going to help me a lot. So many people keep telling me that weight-lifting is the key to changing fat to muscle that I have to believe it. And besides, I want giant muscles on my upper body!

Talking last night about perfect bodies. Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight. That's what I'm going for. Someday I'll make it.

Been realizing for the past couple days that my eating habits, though infinitely better than they used to be, can still use some serious tweaking. So I'm going to start being better about logging my food into FitDay. No more avoiding putting in what I ate because I know it's not going to look the way I want it to. And I'm going to work on eating more of what I know I need to be eating. And I NEED MORE PROTEIN!!!! I never have enough. On the days when I've done my weights I am starving for the rest of the day until I put enough protein in. That's definitely my body telling me something and I should make sure I listen to it.


More weights.
More veggies.
More fruit.
Fewer carbs.

And I have to make sure, every single time I go to eat something that I know is on the "not so good for me" list, that I have fully processed what it is that I'm about to do. The problem I have is that I often notice I'm eating something only when I'm halfway done with it. So I have to pay attention and fully weigh whether or not it's what I want to be eating. Think about the long run, not just the immediate craving.

Oh yeah. Me and my yoga buddies are going to the intermediate class today. 2 hours of yoga-filled fun. I'm kind of nervous about it because it's going to be much harder than anything I've done so far. But I'm hoping like hell that it's going to be a blast. I'll keep you informed!


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