Monday, September 24, 2007

oh god i love music ...

Last night I spent six hours away from Darwin, the most time I've spent away from him since he was born. It was scary and overwhelming, but I did it for the best reason ever ... live music.

Ben Harper. Ben fucking Harper, y'all. Oh god, please excuse me while I lift my jaw off the floor and wipe the drool away.

It was incredible ... spectacular ... by far the best show I've seen in a venue that large (the Orpheum). He is beyond talented, he's an absolute fucking genius. He can play and sing anything, with a voice so bluesy and soulful that it's hard to believe it can come out of someone so young. He is quiet and loud. He is rock and he is folk. He is, quite literally, one of the greatest musicians of our time.

And did I mention that he's hot beyond belief?


Blogger faye said...

I didn't know Ben Harper had all those tattoos...It distracts me, bc all I can think is...oh, the pain. is that real?? who knew, man.

He is, you're right, so talented and so drool worthy. Acoustic guitar does it for me, and that acoustic folky sound is my favorite sound in contemporary music.

i envy you.

3:05 PM  
Blogger LMM said...

so, so good. *sigh*

8:46 AM  

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