Thursday, January 22, 2004

Shit. I'm feeling so good about myself and then I go to buy a new pair of yoga shorts. Let me first preface this by saying that the old yoga pants I've got are a size large and they're now falling off of me. And the reason why I was going to buy shorts instead of pants is because I'm now feeling a lot more comfortable with my legs than I have in a very long time...probably something to do with Hawaii and an entire week in a mini-skirt.

So I go to the store, right? And I get every single pair of shorts that looks good in two sizes: medium and large. Of course, I'm figuring that the large is really just in case. But no. The only pairs that fit me were the larges. And not only that but the truth is that my legs don't look at good as I thought they did. So I got a pair of shorts that goes down to my knees. They aren't even particularly great, I just got them so I could get out of the damn dressing room.

And now I feel like crap about myself. Great.

But here's my idea. I was thinking that if I returned these shorts and got myself a pair that didn't fit quite as well, that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing them, that maybe that would help. Doesn't that seem like it would be good inspiration to get in shape? You know...LOSE WEIGHT! FIT INTO YOUR CLOTHES! STOP BEING EMBARASSED BECAUSE YOUR LUMPY THIGHS ARE HANGING OUT OF YOUR BRAND-NEW SHORTS! I don't know, seems like it might be good inspiration.

Hell, that's what started it all, right? Best friend was getting married, I no longer fit into the bridesmaid's dress, so I started to lose weight. Got to the point where the dress fit and never looked back again. You know, I tried the dress on again the other day and it didn't fit even vaguely. WAY too big. Pretty good feeling knowing that a year ago that was my inspiration point. A year. Long time. I don't feel so bad though...25 pounds in a year is pretty good. Not spectacular, but hey...I didn't really start working my ass off for it until September. All in all I think I'm doing pretty well.

And see, now I feel great about myself again. Screw the shorts...I rock!


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