Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ok, went to yoga the last two nights in a row. Monday's class is the beginner class, which for me is always much harder. Everything is done slowly and the poses are held for longer. I guess it's good, because it makes me re-examine the basics of the entire practice (and it really does kick my ass) but I do tend to want the aerobic aspect of the higher level classes. So then I went again last night even though I was suffering from an unbelievably sore butt. And I had some amazing breakthroughs last night! All of them just came from listening better to what Gregor was saying (surprise, surprise, I'm not the best listener) and actively working on integrating his words into my practice. I came out of it having a much better idea of how to do backbends without hurting myself, something I've never really been able to do before. Yay!

So my whole goal for the week was to go to either gym or yoga every single day, but I am going to be a little lenient on myself here. We got six inches of snow last night (our first real snowstorm since December so I'm ridiculously happy right now) and I figure that if I go and play in the snow for at least an hour then that'll be equivilent to going to the gym. Our plan was to go and rent snowshoes, but somehow I think that there isn't enough snow for that. There's plenty for walking around in though, and that's always my favorite thing anyway.

And then tomorrow, it's back onto the plan.

I overheard someone saying something unbelievable yesterday. She said, "The weight-loss process is hard, so you have to find something to love about it, otherwise you're going to fail." That's what I'm working on ... finding something to love.


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