Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga...

So J decided that he's finally going to get his ass in gear and start doing the yoga he should be doing. So we went together on Monday. He did a seriously kick-ass job ... spent most of his time in child's pose, which is just what he should have done. Didn't push himself too much, but enough to make himself nicely sore. Very good job.

Last night my Tuesday night yoga buddy and I went to our normal class. It was really hard. Spent the last five minutes of class in frog's pose ... enough time that we skipped over the entire pigeon thing (sad because it's one of my favorite stretches). But a very good class all around.

And then today J tells me that he wants to go again tonight. He says that he's going to take Gregor's advice and try to have his first 10 classes be as close together as possible. So I'm going again tonight and then maybe even again tomorrow.

Good lord. Seems like an awful lot of yoga. And the problem that I'm having is that I should still be going to the gym and doing that shit, but it's so hard to do when there's this unbelievable amount of soreness going on. But the truth is that I'm more interested in supporting J going to yoga than I am in nursing my soreness. And honestly, it's not like it's going to do anything bad to me either. Can only be good for both of us.


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