Monday, September 06, 2004

What an absolutely kick-ass day I am having so far! Woo hoo!

Went to the gym where I actually started the run/walk program. So that's 35 minutes on the treadmill: 9 walking, 1 running, 9 walking, 1 running, 9 walking, 1 running, and then 5 walking to cool down. Then on to the elliptical, where I worked up a nice sweat with 15 HARD minutes. Then weight lifting, which left my muscles weak and shaky. Awesome. And I finished it all off with some stretching (which I never do, but know that I should all the time).

And then I walked out of the gym and remembered that Mondays is the farmer's market day right next to my gym! So I went over and got some corn, peppers, apples, and honey comb as a present for J.

I feel fantastic. It's such a nice feeling to be active and happy. I am loving life right now.


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