Monday, November 15, 2004

Alrighty ... day one of ACCOUNTABILITY.

-Ran/walked for 26 minutes (plus five minute warm-up and five minute cool down). Did two whole miles today.

-Weights for half an hour: legs, shoulders, back.

-Skated in circles for a good 40 minutes until my feet hurt so much that I had to stop. Right now I'm working on cross-overs and getting more generally comfortable on the skates. What I want is to be a damn good skater by the time I join the team next year, if I can join it at all.


Blogger faye said...

You go! I'm still too embarassed to post my work-outs, although I do think that would help me...I still suck at being consistent...But, maybe I'll take a note from you and start in the next couple of really helps if someone else knows what you are (Er, aren't) doing.

10:41 AM  

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