Thursday, November 04, 2004

I've made a command decision that I'm going to start using FitDay again. I feel like I need to start keeping track of my food again, otherwise I don't think I'm going to make myself change my eating habits back to being healthier. And, honestly, I think that at this point I'd have a pretty easy time losing the weight I want to lose if I would only change my eating habits back to what they used to be. And, you know, it'll be nice to keep track of my exercise again, so that I can see how unbelievably kick-ass I am. :)

And the rest of my life is super confused. J are I are stuck in this strange limbo place where we really don't know what we're doing or even what we want to do. It's going to take some time to figure it out.


Blogger faye said...

what is FitDay? i need to know. :)

1:54 PM  
Blogger margaret said...'s awesome. Though, if you have a very addictive personality, I wouldn't even advise starting. It does tend to turn into a bit of an obsession.

Go to It's a totally free online service to help you log everything that you eat and all the exercise that you do. I find it the most helpful in that it shows you whether or not you're getting all your nutrients. And it helped me drop 25 pounds, so it had to be doing something right!

2:18 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

This is a question for educational purposes and not in any way a judgmental question: Does the # of calories tracked via FitDay impact your choices for "good" food? Meaning, do you find that you eat a more nutrition-rich, vitamin-packed, fiber-loaded, (I'm running out of hyphens), anti-oxidizing (etc, etc) stuff when you track the calories?

I am currently in the rut, but I blame marathon training (which isn't at fault, I am). Just curious and paying lots of attention to how people are doing what they do.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Mia Goddess said...

I broke up with the guy I was dating in high school for like a year before it finally happened. Don't be me. Well, don't be him, actually. I mean, I tried. But I got voodoo like that, you know, they just don't want to leave once they get a load of the lovin'. Is it obvious that I'm totally being funny here, or do I just appear to be a douche?

Anyway, when you get the food worked out, please send it my way. I could use a swift kick myself.

Oh, and if I didn't mention it, I am sorry about your love troubles. I hope it works out for you, seriously, whatever that looks like.

xoxo Mia

9:28 PM  
Blogger margaret said...

Yes, Chris, I do find that logging my food makes me more likely to eat "good" food. A lot of it is just that I hate entering in the bad foods that I could eat. It makes me feel gross to see what my daily fat content looks like when all I've eaten that day is mozzarella sticks and a pint of ice cream. But it's not just the worry over entering in the bad food, I also find that the nutrient section of FitDay helps me too. I really enjoy being able to look over my nutritional content for the last day/week/month and see which nutrients I'm not getting enough of. It leads me to do research on the net and find out where I can actually get Vitamin K or whatever it is that I'm short on. And that, in turn, leads me to add new foods to my life solely for their nutritional content, which ends up being pretty damn cool.

Truth be told, I find that keeping myself accountable for what I eat is actually the only way that I will eat well. Strange, but true.

And thank you, Mia. You know, it's just a very strange situation to be in, but it's going to get resolved ... one way or another. It's nice knowing that I have friends in a time like this.

6:37 AM  

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