Monday, December 25, 2006

It has been really hard trying to find a time to actually sit down and write anything. One month old and all he's doing is feeding and yelling and sleeping ... and he really does all three things best when I'm involved. So I've been spending all my time with the little one.

But here it is Christmas morning and he's sleeping in a sling, strapped to my chest, and I finally have a moment to write.

So how is it suddenly being a mom? Totally overwhelming. I cry about once a day ... not from sadness, just from the sheer joy of this thing I made, and from the uncontrolled utter panic he brings to my life. I just can't believe the permanence of the entire thing! But he's beautiful and amazing and I feel so lucky to know him. And my husband is the most wonderful human being I've ever met, even with all his faults.

And as an explanation for the picture ... my best friend and I have a habit of giving each other REALLY ugly socks for pretty much every occasion. This year we totally outdid ourselves with the Christmas sock ugliness, so I have to share.

Much love and merry Christmas to all.


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