Thursday, January 22, 2004

130.5 this morning. Seems awfully fast. But honestly, I'm eating! In fact, I'm eating really well...getting home from yoga each night and eating a GIANT bowl of salad with yummy and delicious salad dressing on top. Although I do think I need to up my protein intake because there really isn't much of it. Time to bake the tofu in my fridge and start putting that on my salads.

It's weird. Since J wanted to share my salad last night and I knew he'd be bored with just what I was eating, I went and got some scallops to put on top of it. I thought that scallops would be acceptable for me and my increasingly finicky-towards-meat body. Nope. I ate one scallop, had a nearly impossible time swallowing the second half, and had to give up. Gave the rest of my scallops to J and he happily ate them all.

See, it's not that I want to become a vegetarian. It's that my body is giving me the message that I have to. My brain thinks it wants meat but my body sure as hell disagrees. I think I just need to do some experimenting, find out if this is true of all kinds of meat.

And don't worry, Mom. I will never give up meat completely, if only because your turkey gravy is probably my all-time favorite food. I may not eat meat again, but I will always eat meat sauces.


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