Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well, something has finally changed in my routine enough that my weight is dropping. I keep on trying to remember that it isn't the number that matters, that I should instead be concentrating on what my body can do. But that is hard. I've been working on this for so long now that it's hard not to get excited about every little thing.

I have changed my mind on this subject though. For a while I thought my goal weight was going to be 115, but now I think that's a mistake. I really don't want to be thin anymore. Now I'm much more interested in being strong. So I'm going to keep my goal weight at 120, knowing full well that I may never make it there and instead will probably hover around 125 or so. This morning I weighed 127.5.

Yesterday went to my usual Tuesday night yoga class. My quads were aching because of running/lifting and I knew it was going to be a hard class. And, well, it was. But more than anything else it was hard because I was hungry and very dehydrated. I've definitely been slacking on the water thing...that's something I really need to work on. Super important.

Anyways. I'm off to the gym for running/lifting. I'm quite righteously sore right now, so this is pretty much going to suck ass. But I've got to do it. Just because the numbers are dropping doesn't mean I can slack off. That's what always happens at this point for me. Not this time. This time I'm still going to take everything as seriously as I have been. Go me!


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