Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day 3

An easier day, thank goodness.

Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal with unsugared strawberry jam.
Morning snack: Half an orange.
Lunch: Big salad, taboulli, baby carrots, apple sauce, fruit leather.
Afternoon snack: Dried mango and peanuts.
Dinner: 8 pieces of brown rice sushi ... tuna and avocado, salmon and cucumber. Yummy!

Water: 32 oz, 2 cups of tea, and whatever I drank with the herbs. Not very good.
Exercise: 60 minutes massaging, 30 minutes walking.
Sleep: 6.5 hours (woke up at 5am for NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!).

So, the big issue of the day was the temptation provided by being at school. Number one, L and I almost always have some sort of a super sugary, candy snack in the afternoon. Hell, it keeps us going, so not having it was kind of an issue. Second of all, somebody in another one of the classes brought in a birthday cake and when it wasn't completely devoured, left it in the kitchen for anyone else to eat it. And, third of all, one of the women in our class brought in the Girlscout cookies that everyone had ordered, so we were *surrounded* by people munching on them.

And today I'm going snowboarding!!!!!!


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