Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Day 8

Breakfast: Kashi with banana and rice milk.
Lunch: finished the homemade hummus with many, many baby carrots.
Dinner: vegetarian chili over brown rice with avocado cubes and fresh cilantro on top.

Water: again, only about 40 oz.
Exercise: oooh, slim to none.
Sleep: about 7 hours.

You know, one of the most exciting things about doing this is figuring out how to cook really good vegetarian food. Number one, I've never made chili before. Number two, I was terrified that because it was vegetarian chili, it just wouldn't be as good. But it was tasty! And I've got a giant pot of leftovers, so you know what I'm surviving on for the next couple days! :)

And in other exciting news, I got a job yesterday! It's not the most exciting job in the world, and I really am going to work for the man, but it's still a good thing. That's right, folks, I'm going to work for the world's largest coffee corporation ... Starbucks. Yippee!


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