Saturday, March 05, 2005

Days 4 & 5

Day 4 ...

Breakfast: Kashi with rice milk.
Second breakfast (really): oatmeal with peanut butter and jam.
Lunch: taboulli, an apple, peanut butter, 1 baby carrot with hummus.
Dinner: big salad.

Water: not enough, probably right around 50 oz.
Exercise: snowboarding for 3-ish hours with L.
Sleep: about 7 hours, up at 5 again!

I was strangely not hungry all day long. Even though we were snowboarding and totally exerting ourselves, I just wasn't hungry for either lunch or dinner. Very strange.

Day 5 ...

Breakfast: Kashi with rice milk again (I *really* like this).
Morning snack: dried mango, banana.
Lunch: Salad, two rice cakes with peanut butter and jam (still the unsugared stuff).
Afternoon snack: half a blood orange, which tasted kind of funny so I didn't finish it.
Dinner: sushi, love of my life right now.

Water: I did really badly today, only 32 oz and 1 cup of tea.
Exercise: 1 hour massaging, also not so good.
Sleep: 7.25 hours, up at 6:30 ... luxurious!

Yesterday, day 5, was the most amazing experience. I had this ridiculous quantity of unbridled energy all day long. I felt like if I just stretched out far enough I could become Peter Pan and go flying around the room. But instead I just chose to dance around like a maniac all day. It was wonderful. And L and I discussed how we're feeling and decided that the word for it is light. I feel airy and wonderful and like I could do anything right now. It's amazing.


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