Thursday, March 03, 2005

Woo hoo!!!

The Boardin' Bitches went out and had a totally rockin' day! It was great to be on the mountain for the first time this year, getting my boarding legs underneath me again. And, well, I totally sucked, but I won't next time. Next time I'll be better.

Something I spent a lot of time thinking about today was the idea of trusting your own body. It's not something I have any experience with and so it's not something that I do naturally or easily. But then occasionally trust in my own body shows up and surprises me.

Like when a friend of mine was trying to teach me how to do a crossover while ice-skating. I kept on telling him that it just doesn't make any sense ... you can't be leaning that far over the leg which you then pick up and not fall flat on your face. And he said to me that all it took was a little bit more trust in my own body. The day I finally figured out how to do a crossover I just closed my eyes as the turn approached and thought, "Trust it, trust it, trust it." And hey, it worked.

So I'm out there on the mountain today and I'm watching L carve like a maniac (you have gotten SO much better since the last time we went together) and I'm trying to imitate what she's doing and having a hell of a time of it. And I realized that the reason I can't do it, the reason I am currently NOT doing it, is because I'm not putting any trust in my own body. I'm struggling for it to happen and it's not coming and I'm getting frustrated and then I'm struggling harder. If I can just for one second put some trust in my own body, make that leap of faith, then I'll be able to do this ... and I did. I had one glorious run when I didn't think about what I was doing but instead just trusted my body to do it. One glorious run of carving, not falling but instead speeding down the mountain with grace. One glorious run, and then I fell on my ass and was back to struggling again.

That one run has me majorly inspired.


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